Trees of Big Sur and the Santa Lucia Mountains of Central California

Trees of Big Sur & the Santa Lucia Mountains

This is a list and description of the native trees of Big Sur, the Santa Lucia Mountains and the surrounding bioregion. I use the common names here with more detailed information and photos on the page for each specific tree. Since my objective is to help people learn the trees of our area I use inches and feet for dimensions, and have tried to keep descriptions simple (minimum use of botanical language) with photos to illustrate the trees and distinctive characteristics of each species. This is an ongoing project so many of the trees do not yet have complete pages.

Introduction to Trees by Steven Harper

Broad-leafed trees (this includes Oaks below)
Alder (White)
Alder (Red)
Black Cottonwood
Fremont Cottonwood
California Bay Laurel
California Buckeye
California Walnut
Maple (Bigleaf Maple)

Oaks (Live Oaks, Diciduous Oaks, Relatives)

The Oaks of California by Steven Harper
Coast Live Oak
Interior Live Oak
Canyon Live Oak
California Black Oak
Blue Oak
Valley (White) Oak
Tan Bark Oak


The Conifers of Santa Lucia Mountains by Steven Harper
Bishop Pine
Coulter Pine
Gray Pine
Jeffrey Pine
Knobcone Pine
Monterey Pine

Ponderosa Pine
Sugar Pine
Santa Lucia Fir
Gowen Cyrpess
Monterey Cypress
Sargent Cypress
Incense Cedar
Torrey Pine

Common Non-native Trees
Utilitius polii