In the Media

Featured here are newspaper, magazine, and book essays and articles from various news media that have interviewed Steven or are about his work in wilderness, psychology, and ecopsychology. Note: Many of the dates, contact information, and prices that appear in older articles have changed.

new york timesThis is a New York Times article about ecopsychology by Daniel Goleman the well-known author of Emotional Intelligence:
"Psychology's New Interest in the World Beyond the Self" - The New York Times

positive living and health

This piece by Mark Golin appeared as an essay in the book Positive Living and Health. Five Days of Serenity is Mark’s account of a 5 day Big Sur Wilderness Experience hiking workshop at Esalen. Mark was a writer/editor at Rodale Press from there he went on to edit Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Details, and now is the editor of

esquire magazine
This Esquire Magazine article was in the 50th Anniversary issue and was titled: "The Enlightened Traveler: Mind Trips in Big Sur." It is a short piece about the hiking workshops I lead at Esalen Institute:
"The Enlightened Traveler: Mind Trips in Big Sur" - Esquire Magazine (pdf)

money magazineThis Money Magazine article titled "Braving the Wilds to Survive the Office" interviewed me. At the time, corporations were beginning to use outdoor wilderness settings for teambuilding and training purposes. We were at the leading edge of what was then an emerging field.
"Braving the Wilds to Survive in the Office" - Money Magazine (pdf)

new woman

In this New Woman Magazine article "The Earth's In Our Blood writer Joan Arnold interviewed an number of contributors to the book Ecopsychology edited by Ted Rozsak. "The Earth's In Our Blood" - New Woman (pdf)

shape magazine
Shape Magazine writer Laurie Tarkan interviewed a few of the participants in the first Ecospychology Conferences held at Esalen Institute. "Nurtured by Nature" - Shape (pdf)


chicago sun-timesTravel writer Judy Dash wrote this short piece about Steve that appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times: " Big Sur Spiritual Encounter"

chicago sun-timesAnother longer article by travel writer Judy Dash about Big Sur and a workshop that she attended with Steven that appeared in a number of papers across the country under various titles. This version appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times. "Nature Plays the Starring Role Along Big Sur's Dramatic Coastline"


Shape Magazine offered up a simple introduction to ecopsychology and what being out in the wilds might do for our well-being by writer Beth Howard: Happy Trails?


Network Earth
a special TBS program for television: Ecopsychology Interview

NPR Interview: What's Happening to Big Sur?: An NPR Interview with Steven Harper and Alex Cohne in June of 2008 about the Big Sur Wildfires.

Esalen Institute's Friends of Esalen Newsletter: article from the Winter/Spring 2012 Issue: "Steven Harper, Bridging Esalen's Generations"

Other Esalen-Big Sur Media Links:

new york timesNew York Times article about Esalen Institute by Jeffery Kripal: "Esalen"

new york timesNew York Times article about Big Sur and Esalen: " Big Sur Without the Crowds"