Bigleaf Maple Acer macrophyllum

leaf of bigleaf maple

Bigleaf Maple is a deciduous large tree that grows near the Pacific Ocean in North America from California to Alaska. It distinguishes itself as having the largest leaf of any maple. The flower hang in racemes and the fruit has paired wings. Children (and adults) delight in playing with the winged seeds because of their spiraling helicopter-like decent when tossed in the air. This characteristic helps with seed dispersal.

bigleaf maple treeBigleaf Maple tree in early spring

bigleaf maple flower and young seeds
Bigleaf Maple flowers with young paired winged seeds (called samara) in Springtime.

Big Leaf Maple seeds, samara
Mature seeds (samara) ready to take flight.

bigleaf maple in fall The bright yellow leaves of the Bigleaf Maple are one of the few trees that give coastal California some color during the late summer early fall.

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